ASEAN Business Comes Alive! — an Event by Intel

ASEAN Business Comes Alive

Businesses in the ASEAN region is growing and developing rapidly. That is why Intel organized an event that connects businesses with retail solutions. Happening now is the event called “ASEAN Business Comes Alive!” Advanced Processes is in Jakarta today to attend the said event and learn more about intelligent solutions and innovations for businesses. It … Read more

Major Update of bpm’online Version 7.13

Bpm’online releases the latest version of their Business Process Automation and CRM Platform last September 26, 2018. The latest version focuses on accelerating business growth and transformation in the following areas of businesses: Marketing Sales Service Operations Citizen Development Enhanced Marketing Features The newest version allows you to automatically launch campaigns when you add or … Read more

Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018: Don’t Miss This!

Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018

Most of the people today depend on technology. It became part of our daily lives. As consumers, we get excited about what new innovations will emerge and how will they disrupt the market. But for businesses, technological advancements mean new challenges, especially for small business owners. How much will it cost? Do we have the … Read more